For every purchase made through F1 Experiences, you earn Rewards automatically! Simply login to your account on f1experiences.com to see your balance at the bottom of your order history page!



ステップ 1

Login or create an account to see your Rewards balance

ステップ 2

Select an F1 Experiences package or Discounted Hotel Rates to use your points.

ステップ 3

F1エクスペリエンス・パッケージ: パッケージをショッピングカートに追加するとお支払の際に自動でポイントが適用されます

ホテル割引レート: 宿泊先を選択するとポイント残高に応じた割引レートが表示されます

Additional Information

To apply towards an F1® Experiences Official Ticket Package: Rewards will be applied automatically in the cart once logged in. Discounts are equal to $100 per hotel package and $50 per non-hotel package.

To apply towards discounted hotel rates: Please click on the “Book Hotels” option that is displayed under “F1 Experiences Rewards” through your customer profile. From here, you will be taken to hotels.f1erewards.com, where discounted hotel rates based on your points balance will be shown.