Upper Deck


2020 Singapore Grand Prix

Package Inclusions


Formula 1 Paddock Club™ Seating

Single Day Race Ticket
Upper Deck guarantees commanding views of the Pit Straight to catch all the on-track action including compelling close-up views of cars exiting the Pit Lane


Formula 1 Paddock Club™ Hospitality

Enjoy gourmet hospitality, bars offering beer, wine and Champagne and experiential zones


Paddock Club™ Pit Lane Walk

Walk down the pit lane and take photos of the teams as they prepare the cars for the next session


Access to Paddock Club™ Grandstand & Terrace

Watch the action from different exclusive vantage points


Access to All Spectator Zones

Walk around the circuit park and see the concerts on various stages


Priority Circuit Access

Direct access to the Paddock Club™ entrance via dedicated vehicles and dedicated parking lots


Access to The Garden and Boardwalk Areas

Enjoy these unique, lifestyle areas with award-winning restaurants, concierge services and live entertainment

Photos by Singapore GP Pte Ltd