F1® Experiences Rewards

F1® Experiences Rewards act as points that can be used towards a discount on future F1® Experiences purchases or towards discounted hotel rates for any future hotel booking, F1®-related or otherwise.

How do I earn F1® Experiences Rewards?

For every purchase made through F1® Experiences, you earn Rewards automatically! Simply log in to your account on f1experiences.com to see your balance at the bottom of your order history page.

*To be eligible to receive Rewards on a past purchase, the email address associated with the purchase must belong to the customer, not a third party.

How do I use F1® Experiences Rewards?

Step 1

Login or create an account to see your Rewards balance

Step 2

Select an F1® Experiences package or Discounted Hotel Rates to use your points.

Step 3

F1® Experiences Package: Add any package to your basket and points are applied at checkout

Discounted Hotel Rates: Choose your destination to see your rate based on your points balance

Additional Information

To apply towards an F1® Experiences Official Ticket Package: Rewards will be applied automatically in the cart once logged in. Discounts are equal to $100 per hotel package and $50 per non-hotel package.

To apply towards discounted hotel rates: Please click on the “Book Hotels” option that is displayed under “F1® Experiences Rewards” through your customer profile. From here, you will be taken to hotels.f1erewards.com, where discounted hotel rates based on your points balance will be shown.