Your ultimate checklist for a day at the track

Don’t forget your tickets, wear comfortable shoes and check the weather forecast! Here’s our ultimate checklist for attending a Grand Prix with F1 Experiences.

Be Prepared!

Before you arrive at the race, we recommend carefully reading your on-site guide for the event which we'll send guests a link to well in advance of the race weekend. This contains essential information about your ticket shipping (or collection), hotels and transfers (if applicable) and other important information, such as how to get to the track and find your seating location. It's a good idea to save a copy to your phone's home screen so you can refer back at any point over the race weekend.

If you're travelling internationally for the race, we also recommend paying for an international roaming package or getting a local SIM card so you can remain connected at the track. We also recommend downloading the 'F1 Race Guide' app to your smartphone. This official F1 app is free for iOS and Android and is designed for fans attending the races. It has an interactive map, an on-track timetable, information about trackside events and local travel information.

Some circuits also produce their own app for attending the race, which is also worth downloading. You can also log in to the official F1 app with your free access code from F1 Experiences to follow the on-track action. If you need to make your own way to the track, make sure to check the best route beforehand and have at least one map app (e.g. Google Maps) downloaded to your smartphone.

What to wear to the track

Whilst the answer to this depends on which Official Ticket Package you've chosen, the emphasis should always be on comfort! If you have one of our Fan Experience Packages, which includes a seat in a grandstand, you may end up doing a fair amount of walking. Comfortable shoes are a must. Loose-fitting clothes are also recommended, especially at hotter races. Another good tip for hotter races is to bring a fresh shirt to change into at some point during the day.

If you've got access to Champions Club, think smart-casual, and feel free to wear tailored shorts and team gear to show your support!

Formula 1 also requests smart-casual attire in the Paddock Club™. Smart jeans and tailored shorts are perfectly fine, while flip-flops, beach or gym wear are not permitted. If you are a guest of an F1 team, do not wear team kits from another team in their suite – you may be asked to leave! It's also worth noting that each of F1's Paddock Club venues has indoor, climate-controlled hospitality lounges, so you'll always have an escape from the outdoors.

Whichever package you have, don’t forget to check – and double check! – the weather forecast before you set off for the track each day and to dress accordingly.

What to bring (and what not to bring) to the circuit?

  • Your tickets! It sounds obvious, but you won’t get very far without your tickets. If you are collecting your Official Ticket Package at the track, don’t forget to bring your ticket voucher and some photo ID. Once you are inside the circuit, the best place for your tickets is on your lanyard around your neck. We cannot replace lost tickets, so please keep track of them the whole weekend.
  • You don’t want to go hungry or thirsty, or miss out on that important piece of team merchandise. Although circuits are slowly catching up to card payments, cash is still king and trackside bank machines often run out of money at peak times through the weekend.
  • Additional power supply for your smart phone. Whether you are recording videos, taking pictures or sharing social media updates, you will be using your phone battery up more quickly at the track. Take along an extra supply so you don’t miss out on that special photo!
  • Depending on the weather forecast, the following items can also be lifesavers at the track: hat, sunglasses, sun cream, rain jacket or poncho, small umbrella, hiking or wellington boots, tissues and/or wet wipes. (Please be aware that some circuits do not permit fans to bring in larger, golf-style umbrellas.)
  • Refillable, plastic water bottle. Glass bottles or other glass items are prohibited at almost all tracks, and most also don’t allow fans to bring in any alcohol.

Any other tips?

The following is a list of “nice to have” items that you may decide to also bring along to the track each day:

  • Camera: Many fans like to bring along a dedicated camera to capture the trackside action. You shouldn’t have a problem bringing along any lens below 300mm, but please be aware that most circuits prohibit fans from bringing in a tripod. Don’t forget an additional battery or auxiliary power supply. You may also want to bring an additional memory card; you’ll take more photos than you expect!
  • Portable radio, with headphones. Almost all circuits broadcast the trackside commentary on AM or FM radio, so this can be a good way to keep up to date with the trackside action.
  • Binoculars: Although the majority of our grandstands and hospitality packages offer big screen viewing, binoculars can still be very useful at the track for getting a closer look at the trackside action.
  • Food and snacks: This is not necessary if you are in Champions Club or Formula 1 Paddock Club™, but could be a lifesaver in the grandstands. The food offer varies wildly at racetracks around the world, so having a few snacks in your backpack is always a good idea.
  • Marker pen for autographs: You never know when you will run into your favourite driver!
  • Cushion for your grandstand seat: The level of comfort provided by grandstand seats varies wildly from track to track; a cushion will make your day much more comfortable!

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