Where to Watch the Action at the 2020 Japanese Grand Prix

The home of the Japanese Grand Prix since 1987 is a challenging, old-school circuit with a unique trackside atmosphere. Here’s the best places to watch the action at Suzuka for the 2020 Japanese Grand Prix on 8-11 October.

Japanese Grand Prix Suzuka Main Grandstand V2 Upper

Main Grandstand

The large, covered Main Grandstand (pictured above) is located on the start-finish straight opposite the pits. The V2 Upper section has the best panoramic views and is recommended for first-time Suzuka visitors, as you’ll be able to watch the action in the pits, race start and podium celebrations. Hero Ticket Packages include a seat in Main Grandstand V2 Upper.

Japanese Grand Prix Suzuka Grandstand b

Grandstand B

Benefiting from an excellent location overlooking the first corner at Suzuka, Grandstand B2 Upper is another popular grandstand at Suzuka that is good for on-track action, including overtaking. You’ll also have one of the best views for the opening lap. Recommended! Trophy Ticket Packages and Premier Ticket Packages include a seat in Grandstand B2 Upper.

Japanese Grand Prix Suzuka Grandstand C-1

Grandstand C

This popular grandstand, which always sells out quickly, is located on the exit of the opening corner at Suzuka. Turn 1 is good for overtaking and you’ll also have a great view for the start of the race. Starter Ticket Packages include a seat in Grandstand C Lower.

Japanese Grand Prix Suzuka Champions Club

Champions Club

Access our premier hospitality suite at Suzuka for the best race views above the pits, gourmet cuisine, open bars and special inclusions that you cannot buy anywhere else, including an appearance by a current or legendary F1 driver and F1 Executive, as well as a guided tour of the F1 Paddock! Secure Access to the Champions Club at Suzuka.

Japanese Grand Prix Suzuka Paddock Club

Formula 1 Paddock Club™

Get access to the most exclusive hospitality suite in Formula 1 at the 2020 Japanese Grand Prix. Our flexible packages provide access for one, two or three days. Inside the Paddock Club, you’ll be treated to the finest gourmet cuisine and open bars, daily pit lane walks and guided tours of the F1 Paddock. Get access to the Paddock Club with Premier, Paddock Club and Legend Ticket Packages.

Whichever Official Ticket Package you choose, we still recommend exploring the circuit on Friday when there’s free access to all grandstands (apart from V2 Upper) and general admission areas. Make sure you check out the views from 130R, one of Formula 1’s most iconic corners!