Mayfair to Monte Carlo in Style


There’s nothing quite like waking up to a fresh morning that’s full of adventures, a strong cup of coffee and a beautiful car waiting for you in the driveway. With the spirit of Formula 1® coursing through your veins and into the engines of the supercars you’ll be driving, the Mayfair to Monte Carlo with F1® Experiences will leave you breathless and wanting more.

As we drive through France to reach the glamorous Monaco Grand Prix, the Mayfair to Monte Carlo troupe will make stops at 5-Star hotels, Michelin Star restaurants and take in stunning scenery along the way. Guests will indulge in spa treatments, luxury wines, and extravagant cars such as the La Ferrari, Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, Bugatti Veyron or Porsche 991 to name a few. If enjoying the indulgences of each hotel is more your speed than the supercars, guests can hire a driver to escort them from hotel to hotel to allow time for more pampering at each location.

To provide our guests a sneak preview of what their weekend spent on the Mayfair to Monte Carlo will be like, we’ve broken down what each day could entail and options along the way.

Tuesday May 22nd – Vitznau, Switzerland

We begin our adventure in Vitznau at the Park Hotel located on the shores of Lake Lucerne with its mirror-top water and heaven-reaching mountain peaks scattered in the background. The hotel boasts two restaurants, the 1-Michelin Star restaurant PRISMA, and Focus which pulls from the surrounding nature to influence its cuisine. Park Hotel also includes a World of Wines where guests can enjoy scouring over the different selections for purchase to enjoy on the terrace with their new comrades. This first night on the Mayfair to Monte Carlo includes dinner at PRISMA as well as a spectacular surprise at dinner that you’ll have to come join us to find out.


Wednesday May 23rd – Megeve, France

After waking up in Vitznau and enjoying an elegant breakfast at the Park Hotel, get comfortable for your first drive of the Mayfair to Monte Carlo by driving through the French countryside. We will be stopping for lunch along the way, and ending in Megeve, France at the Le Fer à Cheval. This hotel embodies a rustic-chic that will make any traveler feel instantly wrapped in warmth and wonder. Enjoy a massage in their spa, or unwind from the drive in the comfort of your room. Dinner will be provided before you end your night among new friends you’ve made.

Mayfair to Monte Carlo Route Napoleon

Thursday May 24th – Mane, France

After a night in Megeve, wake up to a strong cup of coffee and the open road ahead of you. We’ll start the day by traveling down the Route Napoléon winding through the spectacular mountains of Provence. This route was famously taken by Napoléon in 1815 on his escape from Elba to Grenoble. In 2018 however, we’ll be taking it towards the Hôtel Le Couvent des Minimes and stopping along the way at Mason Pic, a 3-Michelin Star restaurant. Once we arrive at the Hôtel Le Couvent des Minimes, enjoy another evening feeling pampered and elegant as we enjoy dinner at the hotel’s 1-Michelin Star restaurant, Le Cloître.

Friday May 25th – Monte Carlo, Monaco

On the final stretch of the trip, wake up in Mane with the excitement of the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix ahead of you. We’ll stop along our drive at the Château Taulane for lunch at this golf oasis in southern France. Enjoy lunch on the terrace, or inside with the pristine setting of the Château surrounding you. After a luxurious lunch, take your last drive in your supercar before arriving in Monte Carlo and stopping in at the Hotel Metropole. Guests can also book at the Palais de la Mediterranée in Nice, but we recommend staying in Monaco to fully enjoy the excitement of the Monaco Grand Prix.

During the first night in Monaco, guests can purchase a ticket to the F1® Experiences Yacht Party for Friday night. Enjoy dancing, open bars and more until midnight. Adore the sparkling atmosphere of Monte Carlo as fans begin to pour into the city and champagne begins to flow in preparation for the Grand Prix.

Saturday May 26th and Sunday May 27th – Monte Carlo, Monaco

Now that the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix has begun with qualifying on Saturday afternoon, guests will be able to select between three hospitality options to view the racing action. All Mayfair to Monte Carlo guests can select between the La Marée Restaurant, the F1® Experiences Tri-Deck Trackside Yacht, or the Formula One Paddock Club™ for their hospitality for the weekend. Guests can watch the entire weekend from one location, or watch from different views each day.

The Formula One Paddock Club™ provides guests with views from the Yacht Club and perfected hospitality with fine gourmet food and free flowing champagne all weekend long. The F1® Experiences Tri-Deck Trackside Yacht will be in the prestigious Zone A where guests can see the tunnel exit and chicane of the circuit. This 150 ft. Superyacht will be fully stocked with gourmet food and open bars to fill your every need throughout the weekend. And last but not least, the La Marée Restaurant is in a prime location with multiple views of the circuit including a meet-and-greet with a Formula 1® driver, air conditioning, champagne, and food that’s been refined by the restaurant's chef.  

F1-Experiences-La-Maree-1 2-039543-edited.jpg

To cap off the racing action and week spent on the Mayfair to Monte Carlo, join the Amber Lounge in celebrating the champion of the race at their after-party with drivers popping in and out of their celebration as well as DJ’s, table service, and champagne all night. Guests will receive a private VIP table as well as a private shuttle to take guests to and from their hotels from the afterparty.


If a weekend spent in luxury, fast cars and angelic service sounds like a weekend you’d like to participate in, reach out to an F1® Experiences Sales Representative today, or visit the Mayfair to Monte Carlo page to learn more about how you can spend a week in absolute glamour and indulgence, all from the seat of a supercar.