Ferrari Trento named the Official Toast of Formula 1 and F1 Experiences

Posted on 03 June, 2021

F1 Experiences is proud to announce a new partnership with Ferrari Trento – the Official Toast of Formula 1 and F1 Experiences – that will see the premium Italian sparkling wine served in the Champions Club at Formula 1 races worldwide.

Who is Ferrari Trento?

No relation to Formula 1’s oldest team, the Ferrari Trento winery was founded over 100 years ago in the alpine region of northern Italy. The family-owned company specialises in the creation of fine sparkling wines using the traditional method and it is the leading producer in Italy. Much like sparkling wines from the champagne region of France, the “TRENTODOC” label on Ferrari Trento’s wines signify that they have been produced to the highest quality using strict standards of production in the Trentino region of Italy. We can say that Ferrari Trento is the authentic Italian luxury sparkling wine. The cellars contain over 20 million bottles of sparkling wine, which are fermented from 2-15 years. Sparkling wines produced by Ferrari Trento have a straw-yellow colour and are prized by wine connoisseurs for their delicate, rich bouquet, and dry, smooth flavour. Learn more about Ferrari Trento

The Official Sparkling Wine of Formula 1

Ferrari Trento was named the Official Sparkling Wine of Formula 1 in March 2021. Ferrari Trento sparkling wine will be used for podium celebrations in Formula 1 for at least the next three years under the terms of the new partnership and will also be served throughout the Formula 1 Paddock Club and at official F1 events and venues. The top 3 drivers were first presented with a Jeroboam* of Ferrari Trento on the podium at the recent 2021 Pirelli Made in Italy and Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at Imola, a short distance from where the sparkling wine was produced. It was a fitting debut for a strong ambassador of the Made in Italy brand. (*A Jeroboam is an oversized 3-litre bottle of sparkling wine that is four times larger than the standard size!)

F1 Experiences’ Champions Club

Thanks to a new partnership between F1 Experiences and Ferrari Trento, the iconic winery’s sparkling wines will now be served exclusively in the Champions Club at Formula 1 races around the world. Established in 2017, the Champions Club sets new standards in Formula 1 hospitality with premium trackside locations, insider access and exciting guest appearances at some of Formula 1’s most popular events.

“We are so glad to partner with F1 Experiences because we hugely value the role of hospitality, which serves to enhance the experience that great sport can provide. When entering the world of Formula 1 as the Official Toast, one of our wishes was to bring a touch of Italian style not only to the drivers’ celebrations on the podium, but also to all the conviviality that takes place during the F1 festivities, and F1 Experiences is at the heart of this”, declared Ferrari Trento’s President & CEO Matteo Lunelli.

Champions Club Ticket Packages are now on sale at select Formula 1 events in 2021, including races in France, Britain, Austria, Hungary, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Japan, the USA, Mexico and Abu Dhabi! Join us in the Champions Club for the best trackside views, guest appearances, all-inclusive VIP hospitality and sparkling wine from Ferrari Trento.