Ten Teamwork Skills We Can Learn From Formula One®

Formula One® teams are known for sticking to their guns and getting incredible results in the form of unbelievable cars and championships. The ability to work as a team to accomplish these goals is part of the reason why each Formula One team is a great example of teamwork. We’ve pulled 10 teamwork skills you can learn from the Formula One teams that you can use in your everyday life.


1. Know Your Team

With over 2,000 employees at some Formula One teams, it’s important to know the ones you work with daily. As a member of a team that large, you won’t know every single person in the office (but that would be very impressive if you do), but you should try to know everyone you work with directly which is a great start.

2. Clear Roles & Responsibilities

Each member of a Formula One team has a specific job and purpose. It might be that they’re part of the pit crew and specifically replace the rear right tyre, an engineer that works on the front wing aerodynamics, or even the admin who helps book all the flights throughout the year to each race. Each team member has a specific role and responsibility to uphold to help the overall goal of winning races. In your own team, be sure everyone knows their specific roles and responsibilities to help push the team towards their goals.

3. Honesty In Communication

Working in Formula One, there is the consistent battle to make the racecars as safe as possible. Through that, members of the teams can’t lie about statistics from the car, ideas about safety, or any issues that may arise on or off the circuit. In any office, it’s imperative to always be honest in the communication so all team members can use the most accurate and up to date information to reach their goals.

4. Strong Work Ethic

With 20 (and 21 scheduled for 2018) races this year, it’s easy for team members to get burnt out from travel, but with their passion for racing the strong work ethic from each team is visible in the work they put forward. As with everything else in life, put your heart into your work and loving what you do makes it easy to have a strong work ethic to produce the best of your ability.



5. Innovative Thinking

Formula One Teams are constantly searching for improvement. With specific rules and regulations the racecars must meet, innovative ideas can only apply to specific areas of the cars. Working as a team to build inventive, aerodynamic wings to make the cars faster is vital. Bouncing creative ideas around with teammates is a great way to get the juices flowing for something new to help make your team successful.

6. Comfortable With Disagreement

As much as teams strive for success, sometimes different opinions arise on that path for success. Maybe someone didn’t pick up the debris that tore a tyre, or alternative race plans to yours, but as an individual and team, you should move past this differences towards the common goal. Disagreements can come in all shapes and sizes. It’s vital to recognize them and each other for your own thoughts before moving forward.

7. Learn From Setbacks

Moving forward from setbacks is a vital component of an F1® season. Whether it’s dealing with an engine failure or an unwell driver, each of 2017’s ten teams will face issues at some point. Learning from setbacks in an office could be improving a project that went south, or keeping team members on track for a successful event.

8. Build Relationships In & Out Of The Office

Formula One teams live and breathe together from all the traveling as well as all the time spent working on the cars. Luckily, they all build relationships with each other inside, and outside the office. Whether it’s grabbing a pint at the end of the day, or spending some of the summer holiday together, it’s important to note that if you can get along outside of the office, chances are you can inside the office.



9. Understand your Goals

There are plenty of ways to identify goals, whether you’re building a SMART Goal (specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and timely) or knowing you want to lift the championship trophy at the end of the race season, knowing your goals can help give the team focus and drive throughout the year. As you move through your career you may have more than one goal, and a team can have more than one goal throughout the process of building a project or event.

10. Always Celebrate Success

With more than 20 races a year, it’s easy to celebrate the success of completing a race whether you make it to the podium or not. Taking a night to enjoy your success (or a week in the Bahamas), is a great way to reward yourself or your team for the hard work it took to make the goal a reality. Just as it’s important to celebrate the success, it’s also important to start the next move towards the next goal.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Racing consistently revolves around teamwork whether it’s in Formula One® or racing towards your next project. F1® Experiences is proud to have races in 2017 (and some for 2018 coming up) that include corporate purchasing so you can bring your team and bond outside of the work space. Hopefully your team can be inspired by the Formula One teams to help you stand on that podium for your next big project.