F1® Experiences Live | Hairpin 1 & 2


2024 Dutch Grand Prix

Package Inclusions


Hairpin 1 & 2 Grandstand Seating

3-Day Race Ticket
Uncovered grandstands situated back-to-back on either side of the second hairpin at Circuit Zandvoort with views of the drivers navigating their cars through the difficult corners, Seat-Back Style Seating


F1® Experiences Live

Enjoy our exclusive event that takes place on the track at Circuit Zandvoort! Indulge in street food, roaming activities and show cars, all whilst you learn about the inner workings of Formula 1® from some of the sport’s top insiders. You'll also get exclusive access to inner-sanctum activities including our Guided Track Tour and the opportunity to get your photo taken with the Championship Trophy.


Exclusive ARAMCO F1® Pit Lane Walk

Walk down the famed pit lane and get a close-up look at the team garages as the cars get prepped to go racing
*This takes place immediately prior to the F1® Experiences Live event.


Guided Track Tour

Step aboard a flatbed truck and take an unforgettable lap of Circuit Zandvoort whilst our Expert Hosts offer insight from a driver's perspective at each turn, chicane and straight
Please Note: Guests must be at least 110cm tall to take part in the Guided Track Tour.
*This takes place during the F1® Experiences Live event.


Championship Trophy Photo

Pose for a professional photo on the track with the World Championship and Constructor trophies awarded to drivers and teams
*This takes place during the F1® Experiences Live event.


Appearance by F1® Legend or Current Driver

Hear from a current or legendary driver as they speak about what it's like to be a part of Formula 1® and race at the highest level of motorsport
*This takes place during the F1® Experiences Live event.


Appearance by an F1® Media Personality

Gain insight to Formula 1® and the inner workings of the sport from an expert media personality
*This takes place during the F1® Experiences Live event.

F1® Experiences Rewards

Calculated as 10% of your total purchase, your earned F1® Experiences Rewards act as points that can be used towards a discount on future F1® Experiences purchases or discounted hotel rates

Exclusive Extras

F1® TV Access, F1® Experiences Gift & F1® Experiences Lanyard

*Programming and Experiences are subject to change.