8 Reasons To Invest In Corporate Hospitality With F1® Experiences

The most exciting office memo to go around is that your company is going to start offering incentives to go to cool events, which means an opportunity to let your hair down around your coworkers and to have a great time. It doesn’t have to be just for your employees though, you can bring customers, top sales reps, or budding partnerships you’re working to cement. With F1® Experiences, companies can invest in our hospitality options and enjoy a worldwide opportunity to engage with those touched by your organization. We’ve laid out the reasons why your company should join us at the next Grand Prix.

Make A Great Impression

We are all “awed” when walking into a hospitality venue at a top-notch facility with open bars, impeccable service and premium food available. Give your clients that same opportunity to be impressed with your investment into attending a Formula 1® Grand Prix with access into any number of our venue spaces. The impression that you mean business can help close that deal between you and the customer.

Cement Current Partnerships

In exploring the corporate hospitality venue, your partner that you’ve brought might get pushed over the edge into cementing that deal with your brand. Maybe you’re working to elongate a current contract or want to bump it up a notch, by bringing them to a Formula 1® race and engaging in our corporate hospitality, they’ll be immersed in a chic social atmosphere conducive to finalizing business deals.

F1 Experiences Corporate Hospitality Italy

F1 Experiences Corporate Hospitality Hungary

Networking Opportunities

If you want to enjoy an urban oasis away from the heat of the racing, parking inside the Champions Club or a corporate suite are great ways to not only enjoy an ice-cold beverage but to pass around your business card. Race weekends are a great way for you and your colleagues to engage with other business people that have invested in the corporate hospitality. Potential alliances may grow with other brands, or within your own company if your group is large enough.

 Reward for Employees

There’s no greater way to boost morale than rewarding employees with an incentive trip or event. Going to a Formula 1® Grand Prix might be a big impetus for salespeople to reach their quarterly goals to attend or an opportunity for a large group to work on team building. Arranging this exciting weekend for your dedicated employees is a great way to have them keep exciting about your organization.

Above The Status Quo

In the digital age that we live in, advertising the corporate hospitality options your company offers can be an extra incentive to win over a client, potential employee or another partnership. By adding corporate hospitality, your company automatically is above the status quo of paperweights, free Friday lunches, and the happy hour that maybe happens once a quarter.

Informal Setting

As much as Formula 1® racing lives and breathes around the expensive cars, the hospitality venues are a place for relaxation, comfort, and efficient catering. In the informal setting of the Champions Club, guests are able to relax and enjoy each other and the racing surrounding them. It’s amazing to get out of the office and shake off the cobwebs of sitting at a desk all day.

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Through F1® Experiences, we are able to personalize suites, throw your logo on our two-seater car as it speeds around the circuit with one of your clients riding along. Not only can your client see you’ve got prime views for a race, but your company’s name is on the wall along with F1® Experiences.

Thank You To Loyal Customers

In putting all of the pieces together from above, one of the best opportunities through F1® Experiences’ corporate hospitality options is to bring your loyal customers to keep them coming back to your brand. Let the sales rep that has hit their quarterly goal bring along their top customer as well. There are many ways to engage with your best customers through email, a phone call, but nothing quite says thank you like cheering on an F1® car going 150+ mph with a glass of champagne in your hand.


Corporate Hospitality And You

Not only do we hope you join us in the future at a Formula 1® Grand Prix as an F1® Experiences customer, but we hope you bring your clients and customers and join us as a corporation. All things can be accomplished through a handshake and a warm smile. To learn more about our corporate hospitality options, follow the link below!



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