Meet the Team: Laura Bradley

Laura Bradley from the United Kingdom is the Director of Guest Experiences International and a key member of our on-site team with over 15 years in the sport. Laura will be working at every race in 2019 with F1 Experiences.


What’s your role at F1 Experiences?

My role is to shape the client experience, ensuring we deliver unforgettable life moments around best in class events worldwide. F1’s mantra is to ‘bring the sport closer to the fans’ and we’re unique in the way that F1 Experiences can support this vision more than I think others do. Delivering people’s aspirations is a tough job with a lot of responsibility and I pride myself in making sure no stone is unturned to ensure they leave a weekend with us smiling.

Working with a talented team, I cast my eye over a lot of the details to ensure our guests have everything taken care of and at the highest level. From delivering credentials to providing detailed information leading up to the race, and of course on-site where we want our guests to be treated like royalty. We want to see our guests back time and time again and already we have a great community of F1 Experiences friends who we see at multiple races.

I consider F1 the world’s largest pop-up sporting event, of which no two races are the same. There’s never a dull moment!

How did you get into Formula 1?  

I started in 2004, fresh from University at the inaugural Bahrain GP working with a fantastic agency who delivered the title sponsor’s guest programmes – everything from fan activities to VIP hospitality to a private party with the Crown Prince!  I loved how dynamic the sport was and in turn the events we were organising. I then worked on F1 sponsor programmes, bridging the gap between teams and their partners.  I got to know teams and drivers up and down the grid, and was also exposed to the corporate world. My background is delivering detailed and well thought-out campaigns. Now I’m turning my experience to helping fans enjoy their favourite sport even more.

What’s the best part about working with F1 Experiences?

I get to see first-hand the reaction of our fans and guests as they enjoy a weekend of Formula 1, which ignites their passion. At F1 Experiences, I’ve met people from all over the world and I’ve been fortunate to help them live out their dreams. I just hope I can add a bit of extra sparkle to their passion.

I also love the fact that we’re working hand in hand with F1 to deliver on their promise of creating unique experiences for fans. It’s exciting to be a part of a sport which aims to take things to the next level. 

Why choose F1 Experiences?

I truly believe that we are unique in the way we bring fans closer to the sport than ever before. For example, we give fans the opportunity to step on to the F1 podium on a race weekend, have their photos taken with the actual Championship trophies and access the Formula 1 Paddock. These experiences would have been unheard of in the past! No one else offers the kind of memories that we do.

What’s your favourite F1 city?

That’s easy for me. For a fly away race, it’s Austin, because the city embraces the F1 community. The locals know how to celebrate F1 coming to town. The food, music and culture makes for a great weekend and the circuit is accessible and caters well for fans.           

In Europe, I would say Monza as you cannot get a better atmosphere than the tifosi and their passion for the sport. The podium celebration is pretty special there – last year I had goose bumps!

What are you most looking forward to about the 2019 F1 season? 

Meeting more fans, seeing more happy faces, delivering a world class programme and getting creative to deliver some exceptional experiences.

Prediction time

  • 2019 World Champion? I have to say Lewis Hamilton. He’s always been great to work with in the past so I have a soft spot for him to do exceptionally well.
  • What will be the biggest surprise of 2019? The championship battle between Lewis, Seb and Max.
  • Who or what will be the biggest disappointment of 2019? Nothing or nobody disappoints me in F1 – we rub shoulders with so many talented drivers and F1 personnel and each race is so unique. But it will be interesting to see how Daniel Ricciardo performs in a Renault. Is his talent wasted or can he bring some magic to the team?